31 January 2012


There are bigger things at stake than a win over Crystal Palace this evening. The capture of some talent

before the transfer window closes, the rest of our season and a dare-we-say-it push for a play-off place, and lastly the sad disappearence of our lovely Vicente should all rank higher in this collective Albion brief.

Or perhaps that's just us getting our excuses in early. Maybe this it. A win at Selhurst Park will be a defining moment, a legendary night, a mass restoration of Sussex pride. Nothing else will do.

In fact it's more than a win we need. We need a massive win, either in terms of volume or timing.

You see, Palace have really spanked us in the past, they have smashed our souls, and recent games have been particularly bad. Think back to that vile winter afternoon when we were soundly walloped 5-0 in front of a vast and deeply embarrassed Albion contingent. We'd been waiting 20 years for that game.

A couple of years later, at Withdean, and even though we took the lead twice, there was still time for Jobi McAnuff to win it for the bastards in the 90th minute.

The worst was only a few months ago, and those that say it wasn't the first loss at The Amex need to splash some cold water on their faces, because that impotent, heartless performance shook our Mecca in such a way that the game, the result and subsequent homophobic ditty will remain part of our history for a long, long time.

Of course we'd all love a scrappy 0-1 win in South London tonight, but what we really need is something brutal. We need to thrust a metaphorical dagger through the heart of that football club with some sort of glorious, ethereal act of football brilliance the likes of most Albion fans would never have imagined, let alone seen.

So, yeah, it'll probably finish 0-0.

Have fun, be safe, sing your hearts out.

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