23 January 2012


It's not often we here at TSLR Towers bother doing photo-only blog posts but there are two reasons for this. Firstly, the sun was at the perfect point as the final whistle blew - it simply enhanced the emotive feelings reverberating around the away terrace since the 88th minute winner. Our very own WSL Snapper will be pouring scorn all over our attempted 'photography' but we thought them worth shoving online anyway.
And, goodness, the rest of the pictures (it's amazing how much better these photees are now I've removed colur from them) focus on the away terrace. That glorious Archibald Leitch stand at London Road will be gone the next time we visit. It was supposed to be gone ahead of our visit on Saturday but they haven't got round to it yet. It's one of the few places left in the football league with such a wonderful terrace - in fact the wonderful 72 Blog did a great piece on this last season and their words are better than ours.We were discussing on Saturday how the shape of the roof (above) helps create an epic atmosphere. It got us thinking, could we put one of these underneath the current roof on the North Stand at Falmer?
Righto, that's your lot - we better save some photees for our Twitter account and the paper version of TSLR037 (out next month, TSLR036 will still be on sale for awhile yet).

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