9 January 2012


We've discussed many times now how the best thing about Falmer is the fact we can socialise in the ground with fans of other teams post match (unless you're a Pal**e or Leeds fan seemingly). Up until Saturday and the FA Cup, we spoke highly of a group of Blackpool supporters who joined us in the North Stand Atrium Social Club after their visit. Blackpool were the best to visit so far (Donny were pretty good too) but Wrexham stole that mantle with a corking display against the Albion youth at Falmer and an even better display of comradeship and mutual respect from their fans afterwards. And better than that, a man carrying stale pies that had sat behind the counter for most of the day gave them out to us for free (I found a half eaten chicken balti one when I woke up for Sunday League yesterday).

Anyone who thinks that football is a divisive English pastime should join us in the North Stand Atrium Social Club from 1700 every Saturday home game evening. Sometimes - like Saturday just gone - it's a ridiculous love in with the topic of conversation mainly centred around which side loves which side more. For the record, we <3 Wrexham more.

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Anonymous said...

We love Brighton more <3