6 February 2012


European Football Weekends (LINK), the website run by Albion fan Danny Last, is closing down we have learned today, and thus calls time on one of the most popular football websites in the country.

Far from being a sad event, the conclusion to Danny's blog adventure only draws attention to the quality of a site dubbed "a perrenial source of pleasure" by The Guardian.

We hope the content is staying up there, and you can read plenty of Albion reports along with all the other bits ranging from Whitehawk to Wisla.  We understand the forum will remain and you can still follow Danny on Twitter (LINK).

The best place to find out about these wonderful, independent football websites is by joining Twitter; the wealth of quality writing out there is astonishing.

Danny has written a piece for this months TSLR which is out on Saturday at Leeds, make sure you pick up a copy at Elland Road.

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