13 June 2012


The beginning of the European Championships has appeased our appetite for football somewhat but, without CMS and Scotland in Poland and the Ukraine, there is no Albion representation. Even watching England is a struggle. One solution we've come up with this summer is to rifle through the TSLR vault and dig out some back issues that give us some forgotten Albion tales of yesteryear. In issue one, for example, we excitedly anticipate the arrival of Colin Hawkins - you can't buy humour like that!

Well actually you can. Apart from a few lost issues, all of the back catalogue from TSLR's first three seasons (pictured above) as well as this season's crop (down the left hand column) are available to purchase through the PayPal link on this very website or drop us an email - tslr@hotmail.co.uk or find us on Twitter. We'll assist you as best we can.

There are even a few special edition TSLR018's available in which we plastered the Inigo Calderon Charlton celebration cover with stickers proclaiming 'Judas' after he 'signed' for Southampton.

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