25 July 2012


We're offering advertising space in The Seagull Love Review for the 2012/13 season.

With spaces from a quarter page black and white to a full page in colour, we have something that will suit.

We can even help with designing the advert. Whether you want something nice and professional, or something more akin to the above advert from a match programme in 1982 featuring a gang of men wearing Albion shirts and no trousers.

Our prices are cheap, we just want to make a bit of money to help with the printing costs.

For information on our circulation and a chat about what package we can offer, drop us an email ... tslr at hotmail dot co uk

Advert stolen from the treasure chest that is Seagulls Programmes


carterbrighton said...

I'm sure second left is a female, no?

Bob said...

..... it also looks like Fozzie and Nobby completed the lineup on the right!

i am sam said...

I think I'd make more effort to read the programme if there were adverts like that in there.