29 July 2012


Couple of things;

1) We have a new online shop. It's great and we'll have a quite a few things up there soon from us and other people. You can see a link just to the left there.

2) Our subscription rates are out for 2012/13 season. It's always a treat to get your TSLR in the post, and next year it's £15 for the UK, £20 for Europe and £30 for those who live elsewhere on the planet. 

There's also a digital subscription you can buy for £5. This means we will send all the stories from TSLR to you for your Kindle, iPhone or whatever. 

Practical uses of this means you can read the mag on your commute to work, or simply be a flash bugger by reading it on your iPad in busy city centre coffee shops.

Subscriptions are available from the TSLR shop now.

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