13 July 2012


The club posted details of a competition on their website yesterday encouraging supporters to nominate a Fan of the Year.

This got me thinking; what makes a Fan of the Year? Is fandom such that one person can be better than the rest, and what factors, should you consider making a nomination, are there to be quantified, balanced and regurgitated into the neatly packaged reasoning that is a requirement of making such a nomination?

From a personal point of view, not that I would ever have a chance of wining it (Season ticket holder, only went to 4 home games last season!), having such a badge would feel a little odd. Being a fan is not a product, if there was an 'end product', then perhaps it would be that of an act related to being an Albion fan, as opposed to the actual seasonal ritual that takes in 40+ matches.

Another point to consider is that of collectivism, and the way that modern football both preaches the importance of it, while here we continue to develop the role of the individualistic Albion fan too; the guy who has bought his seat license forever, the guy that has his name on a brick outside the West Stand, the guy who, well, is the official Fan of the Year.  Is there not a case for 20 thousand Albion fans at a home game all being Fans of the Year?

On the other hand, I have to look beyond my own cynicism here.  This is an award for someone who, I would imagine, has 'gone the extra mile' or overcame adversity in the name of the club.  Individuals who have made money for charity under a loose banner of Brighton and Hove Albion, people who have facilitated transport for fans from far flung corners of Sussex or perhaps those who do something nice for the fans for little or no reward - Albion Roar, NSK, NSC or WeAreBrighton for example.

Who is the best Brighton and Hove Albion fan? That's a phrase that doesn't sit well with me, but if anybody here wants a little badge proclaiming the grand title, let me know and I'll make you one.  We've got a badge machine gathering dust and we're willing to make thousands of them.

If you do want to nominate someone, details are HERE, and best of luck to you all.


Anonymous said...

I'd nominate one of the bunch of regulars who post comments on the Argus website.

The 'in the knows'- Farside, Gordongull, Hovite, Markbythesea, Cabin fever, Dave from Bexhill, Captain Haddock. All are posting on every argus story every day in and out of season. Truly supporters of high quality only reduced by a few bits of bad spelling and grammar!

My favourite Is Alan G Skinner,the eternal optimist.

i am sam said...

excellent shout.

I really like HPR, he trolls them so well.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the little man who pens as Hovite on the Argus. He acts as a Traffic Warden and is probably a retired one.