21 August 2012


We were asked by Prostate Cancer UK to help launch their partnership with the Football League this season.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with 40,000 cases diagnosed each year and some 250,000 men living with the disease at the moment - the equivalent of the population of Brighton and Hove.

Prostate Cancer UK are the main prostate cancer charity in the UK, they're involved with the Football league thing this year which is excellent, and they're also the main beneficary of the Movember event each year which you've no-doubt seen (though it seems every month is Movember in Brighton these days).

It makes sense to raise awareness of prostate cancer at the football, and the football league community voted to endorse PCUK this season as the official charity.

So, what did we do? Well, not a lot, but with the fact that 1 in 9 of us blokes will be affected by prostate cancer at some point in our lives, it seemed natural to follow on with the 9 theme and draw some attention to Albion's greatest, and not-so great centre forwards.

All 72 clubs in the pleb-league did the same, and you can read ours, and others, by clicking on this link HERE.

While you're there, bemoaning the fact we left Mark McCammon and Federico Turienzo out of the short-list, take a minute to click on the other links, the bits where you can read about prostate cancer, how it affects men of all ages and most importantly, what to look out for with your own walnut.

It'll only take 5 minutes, have a quick read.

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