14 August 2012


TSLR is well known for the sort of distribution issues that would make Michel Kuipers blush, but we're trying to rectify that and ensure that fans can buy a fanzine with ease.

With this in mind, TSLR are looking to get a couple of whippersnappers to help sell the zines for 2 hours before the kick-offs of the Cardiff and Barnsley fixtures at The Amex.

For this work we will pay £15 per 2 hour shift. Which is pretty good we reckon.

Anyway, who are we looking for? Well, you need to be reliable for one, you need to be reasonably outgoing and friendly to the punters (this is not a gig for a shy person), you need to be a reader of TSLR and know about what we do and you need to not be offended by people looking at you like you're selling crack. Those with experience of trying to sell things via the medium of shouting would be desirable!

16+ only, sorry kids.

Interested? Drop us an email (tslr at hotmail co uk).


Merv said...

Selling by shouting would be a new phenomenon then for TSLR sellers, usually it's 'grinning at strangers like you've just escaped from the asylum' as the usual method.

Anonymous said...