30 November 2012


In light of tomorrow's match in south London, we spoke to the Editor of Crystal Palace's Five Year Plan (FYP) fanzine, James Daly to get his thoughts ahead of El Crapico. Five Year Plan is produced in paper format every two months and they have a consistently updated website that you can find here. They also produce an FYP Podcast. James kindly provided the guest editor's notes in TSLR015, way back in early 2010. You can follow James on Twitter here. Or FYP on Twitter here.

TSLR: James, when you wrote our Ed’s Notes in TSLR015 (The Seaweed Love Review) you stated you quite like Brighton. Has anything changed?
James Daly (FYP): Woah! I wouldn’t say quite like, just don’t hate with the same sort of passion that a lot of Palace fans do. Mainly because I’ve met some top lads through the Robert Eaton Memorial Find games. But I’d still love us to beat Brighton and finish above them. As long as I’m involved in the REMF games I’ll always have some respect for BHAFC. Let’s face it. You’ll never be as bad as M*llw*ll.

TSLR: We can always tell when a meeting is upcoming by the abuse we receive on Twitter, do you get the same level of abuse from Albion fans?

JD: We don’t really. We get much more abuse from M*llw*ll fans, sometimes warranted as we like to push their buttons a lot, but then it’s so easy! Brighton ‘banter’ (I hate that word) is always more fun natured. Like two brothers ribbing each other at family get togethers. M*llw*ll is more like that scummy kid from across the road that Mum says never to go round his house.

TSLR: Is the Palace v Brighton rivalry as deep rooted and vile as ever? Or has it simply abated through the lack of consistently playing each other?

JD: I think for some fans on both sides of the fence it is still as hate-filled as ever, but they seem to be in a minority. Before the game at the Amex last year a group of about 20 Seagulls fans bowled into a pub to try and ‘have it out’ with some Palace, and most just shrugged and got back to their pints. I almost see the Brighton rivalry as pure pantomime, lots of silly songs and gesturing and smart quips on Twitter but really it’s all very friendly. The rivalry definitely helps add atmosphere to the games, but I wouldn’t ever lose sleep over it.

TSLR: How aghast were Palace fans that we finally finished above you last season (the first time in your life, we’d imagine)?

JD: Well I may be 28 but I have the fresh-faced appearance of a 21-year-old (so I tell myself every morning in the mirror). To be honest it wasn’t really a surprise and it took a Brighton supporting colleague at work to remind me, so clearly hadn’t even registered much. I’m too concerned with what Palace are doing to worry about Brighton. Last season was progress on the previous one, and with the Seagulls getting promoted then that momentum seems to carry a lot of teams from League One into the top half of the Championship. This season will be different, though, no doubt.

TSLR: How pleased are you with your involvement in the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund?

JD: So pleased, and very proud. It’s a wonderful fund, doing great things for those that need it, and it’s run by some genuinely great and passionate people. Plus, ahem, I have scored quite a few goals including one directly from a corner a couple of years ago. *dusts off shoulders*. I’m hoping to be involved even more from a coaching and organisation side this year, and am planning lots more coverage our end, including with Palace.

TSLR: Do you think that REMF has helped alleviate some of the viciousness of the rivalry?

JD: Definitely. How can you hate people you actually quite like? Fans are people after all. That’s why I hate M*llw*ll more than anyone else because every Lions fan I’ve met has been a dick.

TSLR: How profitable has FFSMurray been to FYP? Is it just t-shirts we can buy?

JD: I’m a rubbish entrepreneur! We’ve only done t-shirts but probably could have done lots more and made loads more cash! We probably should have done some in the lead up to this weekend’s game, but I’m lazy and haven’t done anything. I did get to interview Glenn for FYP last year and he’s well aware of the whole FFSMurray thing and thinks it’s hilarious, which is the best thing about it.

Also, Jamie McGuire (the lad who recorded the original video) seems to have become quite the fan of FYP, commenting on our Facebook page most days and tweeting us a lot. I think he might actually be a Palace fan, but can’t face the truth.

If FFSMurray scores an own goal, what t-shirt design should we come up with?

Whatever you want, I will shut down FYP instantly.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season? We’re thinking if we top the table, with you in second...

Ha, no chance, we HAVE to finish above you given the early season form. At the start of the season I’d have taken top 10 but no we’re into December and Palace are second I think it’s not unrealistic to want to get promoted. Our team is definitely good enough. Ideally we’d beat you in the play-off Semis and Bolton in the final.

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