26 November 2012


Last season, the unexplained absence of El Punal led us to recreate the famous Where's Vicente image in the January 2012 issue, TSLR036. A few games later the best player to ever play in an Albion shirtwas back in the side, proving exactly why it had been worth the wait. When it came to designing the latest cover, we thought of doing it again - if only to entice Lord Vicente of Valencia back into our starting line up. It's something the boys at We Are Brighton did at the start of the season as well. It is his sublime footballing skill that means we're all well aware that, if he were a fully knee-functioning player, Vicente wouldn't be anywhere near Falmer.

Luckily, he is an Albion player and the point of this blog post is how, on Saturday in the wet, we found him.  And not just on a TSLR front cover. As per Spanish media law, we have protected the identity of Vicente's son. And instead made him look like our TSLR Twitter profile.

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