23 November 2012


For years, TSLR Towers failed to grasp the idea of merchandise. Joke merchandise in the TSLR Christmas issue, yes. But our own? Never. However, this season we’ve really enjoyed producing badges, clothes, posters and back issues - all available in the TSLR online shop (pictured above), including the excellent book, Build a Bonfire. We enjoy it because it tends to be pretty exciting when someone you’ve never really actually spoken to (apart from saying, “£1 please”) is cruising around Falmer with a TSLR logo on their chest. That and the help with our printing / distribution costs.

The first couple of t-shirts are available to buy online - they depict both the old dolphin Albion logo, hijacked by TSLR Towers, and the simple yet effective ‘Sussex by the Sea’ written design. Now we have gone and produced our third t-shirt design, depicting the seagull smiley logo (pictured below, on one of our famous pin badges) that has been ever present in TSLR since our inception at Crewe away in August 2008. These t-shirts will be available to purchase from the TSLR seller standing in this very spot (pictured above) on Saturday ahead of the Bolton match. If you happen to grab one, you won’t even have to pay postage so you can walk away with our logo on you chest for just ten of your English pounds.

And there’s much more besides shameless self-promoting merchandise. TSLR043 - the November issue - was launched away at Wolves the Saturday before last and has only been on sale at Molineux and at Huddersfield's John Smith's stadium. So Saturday offers home fans the opportunity to purchase the latest 32-pages of Albion comment, still for just a solitary £1. Apologies to not flogging it to you Falmer-goers earlier, we blame the Football League’s fixture ‘computer’.

So, for £12, you could walk into Falmer tomorrow - ahead of taking the three points - looking like us: with a new badge pinned to your new t-shirt whilst holding TSLR043 proudly under your arm (or in your back pocket).

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