9 November 2012


The time has come. TSLR043: November 2012 will be on sale at the Wolverhampton Wanderers match tomorrow. It's been quite a quick turnaround this month (October was released late because of that pesky International break) but the quality of content is still very much included. The issue will be on sale at all games between Wolves tomorrow, up to the visit to Selhurst on 1 December. So make sure you spend a solitary pound for some homeward entertainment at some point over the next five matches. And we still have plenty of TSLR pin badges that your TSLR seller should have at the upcoming games.

We specifically avoided theming the issue on the C*****l P****e match-up next month. It was decided in TSLR Towers that we wouldn't make a massive issue of it simply because that sort of published hatred only leads to 5-0 defeats and various tails between legs. So, in this month's jam packed issue we have...

- An actual interview with a current Brighton and Hove Albion player - the new Vicente, Bruno Saltor (although his favourite biscuit wasn't discussed)

- A Jem Stone inspired look at the world of Albion players on Twitter (you can find us here)

- The differences between 'tribalism' and 'racism' (we prefer the former)

- The lack of a midfield 'Dagger' in Marco van Bastard's assessment of the current team

- A trip down memory lane from The Plight of the Seagull blogger, Ed Woodhouse

- A morbid look at Albion and death, with a little help from And Vinyly

- Danny Last's Away Game of the Month features all the best pubs to visit in Croydon

- Villains down at Falmer, and beyond (opposition players and referees mainly)

- And the usual brilliance from Midfield Diamond, Carter (on religion?!?), Mendoza's Hot or Not, the TSLR monthly calendar and some very short match reports

There's a couple of great photos in there too, plus some adverts for our online shop (it's almost Christmas, you know, and we'd like to break even this season). Thanks to all of you who will stump up a squid for a couple of jokes... BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT

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