16 February 2013


There's too much to be said about Cardiff's rebrand last Summer. Too much for a blog post and frankly, what do our opinions count for?

We're sure you can imagine our stance on it, but it raised some uncomfortable - albeit hypothetical - questions about what Albion fans would do in a similar situation. As clubs we are of the same size with the same ambitions.

A point raised by one City fan on the excellent WSC forum suggested that the current Bluebirds fans would rather see Premier League football in Cardiff than Cardiff City in the Premier League. We thought that was quite interesting, are Albion the same?

The next chapter of the rebrand, and one that has been criticised, is the giving away of red scarves to fans who turn up on Tuesday against Albion at the CCS. Many fans continue to wear blue and wave blue flags, and this giveaway has been seen by some as a tactic to dilute those fans.

It would be nice to think that the small cohort of Albion fans will show solidarity with those who protested the rebrand. Perhaps a song that recognises Cardiff City's roots and rejects these sort of strange ideas that Chairmen often have.  We'll see.

On the off -chance that you're offered a red scarf, you may want to pick one up. Wales Online got this excellent soundbite from a City spokesperson with regards to the things;

“They are high quality ones not like the ones you put in your car with those sticky cups. They are proper wool stuff and quite long as well.”

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Anonymous said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCZfgnGAalE - how about this as a song for that game for all blues to sing?