2 April 2013


Thought I better apologise for our  (well, my) previously posted cynical (well, negative) blog post about how the Forest stewards would prevent us from selling TSLR047 in Nottingham on Saturday. It turns out the stewards in the away end were about as bothered with fanzines being sold as Casper Ankergren appeared to be in protecting his goal during injury time. We can only imagine that the great Dane was thinking about his beloved Marlborough Lights following 90 long minutes without a nicotine hit. Seriously though, in light of other results, it appears to be a cracking point won. So thanks to all the stewards in Nottingham for seemingly reading our pre-match blog post and allowing us to offload a few extra fanzines.

TSLR047 - the March issue (we do know it's April) - will be available to purchase outside Falmer tonight. The April edition - TSLR048 - will be out on Saturday against Leicester at Falmer.

Our final edition of the season will include our annual 2012-13 TSLR fans' survey. If you haven't yet completed our ten questions, then please do so HERE. There's a free TSLR pin badge for all completed questionnaires.

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