2 May 2013


Each month we get a variety of TSLRites to pen a few words for the reviews section in the upcoming issue of TSLR. For our play-off special (catalogue number as yet unspecified), we are playing around with the format a little bit - we've never done a May issue of the fanzine you see. So, when a little reportage arrived about our Yorkshire visit last weekend, we thought we better throw the words up on the blog. A special mention should got to Berkshire - the scribe herewith - who has not missed an Albion match home or away since we moved to this little stadium on the edge of the Sussex countryside known to you and I as Falmer. Not only that but Berkshire lives in, er, Berkshire. Our biggest regret in not going to Leeds this year was in missing  our favourite local pub (pictured above).

With the usual TSLR crew saving their cash for the play-offs, it was left to me to turn in a few words on an eventful Albion win at Leeds. Elland Road has become a lucky ground for the Albion of late, turning in a draw and a Navarro winner over the last two seasons.

This season was to provide another corker with a good away crowd turning out and in fine voice. The early play was with the Albion inspiring another Buckley goal. The only question on this goal was if Ashley Barnes got the assist or it was a poor Leeds back pass. Closer inspection of the replay showed definite movement towards the ball that showed more intent than the recent Bolton trip showed on the single grainy fan webcam shown all over the interweb. A fine team goal. Barnes was involved again shortly afterwards taking a fine lesson from Spanish Dave in the overacting department forcing a swift red for Austin. This incident seemed to inspire Brian McDermott's side as they began to press the Albion - coming increasingly close to levelling with 'Fat Balotelli' Diouf at the heart of much of Leeds play, running rings around Marcos Painter.
Painter's performance resulted in a substitution for Calderon for the second half and his contribution yielded another soft straight red card for a pull in the box to add some play-off blues and the inevitable Leeds penalty scored by 'Fat Balotelli'. For a few seconds the Leeds fans cheered as Diouf decided to wind up the Costa-ites with an ill-judged gesture at the Albion faithful that resulted in another red card and the teams playing out the remainder of the game 9 vs 10.

With Leeds disadvantaged again the Albion looked to capitalise and shortly after Vicente uncharacteristically missed a sitter up popped Leo Ulloa to head a bullet into the back of the net sending the crowd into play-off qualifying celebration and booming “WHO’S THAT MAN FROM ARGENTINA…” chants.



Anonymous said...

real men drink in these pubs not turd nudgers

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Is that a quote from Game of Thrones?