3 May 2013


It looks set to be yet another glorious visit to Falmer tomorrow - we'll be in our usual spot (pictured above) flogging TSLR048. The clever ones amongst you will notice how that catalogue number refers to April's edition of the fanzine. When we shoved this issue together in early April, we were always hoping for a play-off special, assuming we'd remain in the hallowed top six. But we've always been aware of Albion's past indiscretions so the idea of planning to bring out a play-off special during the normal season seemed like an unwise move - a bit like Fran Sandaza talking to that 'taxi driver'.

How wrong we were. With Albion 2.0 (or should we say, under Gus), we should know better than to think the players could mess it up with six games to go - that's Palace's job these days. As a result, we will still be flogging the fanzine that most of our fans (not customers) have already got. If you haven't yet picked up an issue full of  now unnecessary jottings asking 'will we or won't we make the play-offs', then why not pick up a copy for a solitary £1 tomorrow, and smile wryly - safe in the knowledge we have already made it on the short play-off road to Wembley. If you've already bought one, we'll still be flogging our badges for £1 as well! See you for the (hopefully) first of many parties.

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