6 June 2013


A message from the excellent some-time Twitterer @GullDelusion


The Gull Delusion came about after the amount of inane, and sometimes insane, posts about the Albion rocketed during the 2012/2013 season. We had everything from Leo Ulloa being heralded for the Argentinian national team after a hat trick vs Huddersfield to an unfathomable comparison between BHAFC and cheese on toast.

Across an internet spectrum that included twitter, the Albion’s official Facebook page and the resource heavy Argus website we were never short of a delusion or two that made us sit up, cock our heads slightly and proclaim ‘huh?’ – just like our own twitter avatar.

Comments such as: “I’d rather we lost but took our chances”, “Ulloa is the Spanish Emile Heskey” and “I’m worming the cat” were just a selection of delights we experienced and were no doubt noticed by others.

It didn’t matter what kind of form the first team were in, we saw plenty of clamoring’s for Poyet’s head as we surged towards 4th place and one fan even seemed concerned that our season was turning into a damp squid… I was under the impression that most squids were damp, unless of course they’ve been deep-fried… mmm calamari.

It seemed that the lofty position that the Albion now found themselves in went to a lot of peoples heads, and turned us into swivel-eyed nut jobs. The Argus was in on the act, leading us all to believe that a mystic llama named Nicholas knew our play-off destiny.

The llama was wrong though, as were the bookies, the pundits, and plenty of the more confident fans as the delusion spread through the Albion. A pretty pathetic defeat to that lot up the road prompted our Gus to spurt out some of his own deluded comments and lets not get started on those clappers and the pre-match ‘entertainment’.

Our tweeting died off dramatically towards the end of the season, partly because one of the Holmesdale WUMs pinched our idea and we suddenly felt dirty. Mainly though it was because we too found ourselves spiraling into delusion. On a trip to the AMEX for the last home game of the season we were spotted filling up bags of gold goalkeepers jerseys at £5 a time. “£5! Bargain!” I promulgated.

We’ll probably be back next season, so I hope you’ll be following – and if you spot a deluded comment then send it in. We’re all Albion fans, and we all get carried away… so when we do, why not laugh at it. Enjoy your summer, and hopefully the fears of the one particular Brighton fan who predicted losing our best players to “a big Scottish club like Dundee” won’t be realised.

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