8 November 2013


For all those who asked where the November issue of TSLR was at Donny last week, it's time to rejoice. The new issue of TSLR is out at Falmer ahead of the match with Blackburn tomorrow in the usual spot (as shown in the picture above), and dotted around the ground in various places depending on who bothers turning up to flog it. As well as TSLR053, we also have a (limited) number of commemorative pin badges to give you with the cartoon atop this blog celebrating 5 years and 50 issues of TSLR - the Albion's second, third or possibly even fourth ever favourite paper fanzine. The badge is much like the paper fanzine itself, already out of date.

Like a Leroy Lita lunch, TSLR053 is packed with huge amounts. There is much goodness to be found on the hallowed pages within, some of which is so EXCLUSIVE, we can't even tell you about it until tomorrow. There are some bits we can tell you about, though - like, it's probably the last time the cover will feature Gus Poyet (we promise) but it was a joke just too good to miss. In your crammed November TSLR053 is...

* An interview with North Stand Chat by the ever impressive @JemStone who, incidentally, has loads more Twitter followers than us;

* The trials and tribulations of Monday night football by @slightlysubdad;

* A dark tale from Albion's 1997 yesteryear written by a brand new contributor whose identity hasn't even been revealed to us editors;

* A look at the actual football Albion are serving up from @EdwardWoodhouse PHD;

* Midfield Diamond assesses the nature of sponsorship deals (and conveniently doesn't mention how we sent him the wrong size t-shirts from the TSLR online shop);

* Mendoza returns with his Hot and Not (he did have more Twitter followers than us);

* Having missed the last issue for the first time ever, Carter remembers to jot something down before going on holiday this month;

* Plus all the usual tripe found in the October Calendar and match reports from our crack team of Albionites.

Did we mention that you really should visit the TSLR online shop (well it is almost the festive season so the shameless plugging starts now).

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