6 December 2013


Ho ho ho, merry Christmas one and all.  OK, so there's a few days to go yet, and the sorts that wear 'Santa's A Brighton Fan' hats to festive-season games may well hold back on the headgear for a couple of weeks yet, but the December issue of The Seagull Love Review is definitely being released at the Leicester game tomorrow.

So, what's inside? Well, loads of great stuff as usual.  We dissect the recent controversy between the club and Life-President,   feature a Mark Lawrenson retrospective, take a look at Oscar's sartorial status and pretend to be scouts at Barca B.  There's the usual stuff too from a host of contributors, and overall it's a bargain for £1.

We'll be selling at the end of the station approach 20 yards behind the programme monkeys, at the steps by the P&R and at the steps up to the West Stand.  Lot's of opportunities to pick up a TSLR and get your Christmas off to the best possible start.

See you all tomorrow!

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