13 January 2014


As you may have noticed, the latest issue of The Seagull Love Review - TSLR055 - was available to purchase on Saturday outside Falmer. It is our first issue of 2014 and - unlike the last issue of 2013 - doesn't include a typo on the front page! As well as all the usual tripe, we thought we'd take readers on a tour through 2013 by stealing photos from Danny Last - the best of which was a picture of a couple of sheep that we've used as a colour centrefold. We also heard about: the Albion fan's hatred of referees, more man-crush dribbling over Rohan Ince; how Marxism can be applied to 'that' play-off loss; the Albion's new museum; and how it can still be a struggle to convince the other half to pop down to our gleaming new stadium for a reserve team FA Cup fixture against Reading. Oh, and Carter's still reading his 1983 Evening Argus FA Cup supplement.
One of our highlights from selling  shiny new fanzines on Saturday was the weather. For the first time since what feels like August, the rain stayed away. Another clear highlight was our inclusion in the Birmingham Mail's online match report. They uploaded the below photo of our very own match reporter and 'selling monkey' extraordinaire, Pantani's Ghost, with one of the finest captions that a photo including TSLR has ever generated: 'A man sells matchday programmes outside the ground'. Of course, we have lodged a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission in light of the caption - we're like a 'matchday programme' but less glossy, cheaper and funnier. Thanks to the ever-excellent @JemStone for pointing us in the direction of the Birmingham Mail piece - in fact, his latest Albion-related Buzzfeed offering can be found here and is well worth a read.
We actually did our very best to bring too many copies for sale on Saturday just gone but, yet again, managed to sell out just before kick off. If you didn't manage to pick up a copy on Saturday - and you don't plan on travelling away from home this month - then email us at this address and we'll shove one through one of Royal Mail's letterboxes to you. You see, the next time we'll be flogging fanzines at the AmEx will be on 8 February ahead of the match against Donnycaster - when we'll be offloading our next issue, TSLR056. If you do need the January issue, we'll send you one and can give us a quid the next time you see us or something. If you picked up TSLR055 on Saturday, many thanks.

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