7 February 2014


Another month has passed and to celebrate we will be flogging TSLR056 outside Falmer tomorrow in the usual spots. The February 2014 issue of The Seagull Love Review has all the usual stuff plus a look at January's now termed 'transfer meltdown'; why we'll miss Adam El-Abd and why you should too; how our recent poor form shouldn't make you rule out the rest of the season; and what would happen if the Albion's squad found themselves in a regimental unit fighting a war. 

In fact, we even have a photo of the latest cover, featuring yet another cover shot from inside the Amex. This month the cover mentions FFP - the Albion's FFP story has advanced quite a bit in the last 48 hours, since the fanzine was sent to the printers to be inked, so - as with most stuff featured in an antiquated hard-copy fanzine more suited to the 1980s - we barely mention the massive losses announced by the club. Don't worry though, we'll cover that in March. Just about the time when everyone's forgotten about it.

If you fancy a decent collection of Albion-related-ish words for a paltry quid, then pop along and find us at Falmer over the next 4 (yes, four) home games in a row or at Blackburn and Millwall away. It's THE perfect Albion-related material for reading on your toilet. If you can't afford a quid, then come and tell us your sob story and we'll think about giving you a free copy. If you don't want a fanzine, forget about it - waste your cash on a more expensive tea bag inside the ground. And before you ask, no, we're not the programme.

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