5 March 2014


A tweet, seen second, third or fourth hand via a maze of retweets after the Hull defeat last week, had TSLR literally 'laughing out loud'.

The 140 character story, sent by an unknown Albion staffer, told the tale of a wonderful exchange between the two sets of fans. The vocal Hull fans, who stand/sit right next to the away enclosure at The KC, sang to the 450+ Albion contingent;

"You're practically French
You're practically Fre-e-ench
You are so southern

You're practically French"

That's to the tune of Sloop John B, and we think now is sung sarcastically to other northern teams who sit a few degrees lower on the lines of latitude than Kingston Upon Hull.

In our case however, we are the closest team to France, well, Gillingham is probably a bit closer, but they aren't sat on La Manche like us, they probably haven't been invaded by the French like us and they definitely don't drink gallic wines and cheese like us cosmopolitan Brightonians. In fact, the cliffs at Veulettes-sur-Mer in Normandy are just 73 miles from Black Rock, meaning frere Jacques is actually closer to us than Bournemouth and Luton.

Albion fans in Hull, swimming in a sea of grim self-deprecation at being 2-0 down and far from home, responded to the Humberside chorus with our own international piss-take. The song, now epitomised in these t-shirts we've made in conjunction with our friends at Cult Zeros are available to buy for a tenner in the link below. We hope, going forward, that the North Stand continues this slight amendment to a famous old song, and add a bit of humour to the increasingly cheap Albion chants.

We Are The Brighton Boys"

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