20 August 2008


Bristol Rovers - The Pirates. Well bollocks to that, a severe return to earth on Saturday as last seasons frailities exposed my own frailties. Listening to the match from TSLR HQ sent me to sleep more than once, even the bland Seagulls World only showed about 3 chances.

Southend will be a different game in that our wonderful supporters will start to get the hump if we sit back. Memories of Mickey's first full season at the Albion aren't that pleasent, let's hope 3 points on Friday will give us all a little lift in this shitty summer weather.

A quick note to anybody who thinks they can write better than us - please get in touch and submit some stuff, we don't bite, unlike Long John Silver in the picture. Also, if any shop owners/workers want to sell TSLR on sale-or-return get in touch!

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