23 August 2008


Chavtastic result for Albion in Essex last night - annoyingly seagulls world not working for me this season but regular updates from Sky Sports News (they even sent a reporter there) and the quick fingered informations on NSC chat meant that the glorious result was heard loud and clear.

What I like is the way the team went about the win. Withstanding the pressure a very good team for three quarters of the match, then taking advantage of the extra man and scoring 2 really good goals. Happy days. Even Loft made an impression apparently - We love Loft here.

Sold a few copies of TSLR aswell, thought we had rinsed all the fans but people keep buying. An interesting observation is that the teenage chavvy albion fans are not buying the mag - these are supposed to be the golden generation, do they not care? Or maybe they just can't read.

1 comment:

Grant said...

After living a couple of years in the capital of Chavistan (and let's remember that Saafend is the saeside resort of choice for chavs) I can confirm that their reading abilities are not of the level to deal with your auspicious review. Save it for the literates of Brighton Town ;)