5 September 2008


I promised music didn't I? Well specifically for brightonians with a pair of ears that can process and action taste and dynamic ... so all those with boring stories about drum and bass gigs at The Volks and over hyped and old hip-hop artists making middle class white kids do that bobbing nazi salute with their hands shit, turn away now.

Blood Red Shoes are Londoners now taking advantage of Brighton's excellent music scene, they are touring imminently (not doing Brighton, but Pompey. Shitbox eh?) but support them anyway because they rock.

MP3; Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Edit)

Is it boring by the sea? I have missed the beach for 6 long years now.


Johnathon Livingston said...

sat next to the lead singer of Blood Red Shoes in a cafe in Kensington Gdns & she's gorgeously, delightfully cute. And was wearing a really attractive flattering dress AND the sun was shining! Or did I imagine that? Could I be in love?

i am sam said...

Better looking than Liz Costa?