4 September 2008


Massive editorial meeting between Manchester and London (well, one email, one phone call, maxiumum of 2 minutes effort put into proceedings). The news is that TSLR002 is printed and will be available at the game as promised - you can also buy online on this site, down there. The second news is that we are going to Yeovil in the Scirocco. The Scirocco is the TSLR official car and although somewhat shy of livery, we hope that if you see the sleek early 90's auto you'lll know it's the fanzine boys. To celebrate this Yeovil news, I have prepared the only facts you'll ever have to know about town.

Yeovil has a population of 41, 871 - that's roughly half the size of Hove.

You have to give your finger prints if you want to get into a nightclub (all 12 of them).

Famous people from Yeovil include Ian Botham and Sarah Parish - who I definitely would (see picture above)

To the north of Yeovil is the navy's airbase (what?) RNAS Yeovilton, hopefully we will be able to see some badboy Lynx helicopter action if the game is shite.

Glove making has been a local specialty since the 16th century.; the aforementioned helicopters and processed foods are also produced. Diverse as fuck eh?

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