8 September 2008


We mention in TSLR002 about the PFA's art exhibition in Manchester. odd for an Albion fanzine but there's loads of exiles up here. Anyway, decided to pop in yesterday and it was pretty good. Some of the posters from pre-war Europe were ace with strong futurist slants, alas no gift shop.

I would say that it is very small, it took me about 10 minutes to do the whole thing (which is one room) and there are a load of commisioned posters to mark the PFA's centenary which are, to be truthful, absolute gash.

There was one Albion mention - a cigarette card from the 20's I think with a bestriped gentleman representing 'Brighton & Hove', no Albion. The collage was put together in the 60's by the reknowned Peter Blake of Sergeant Peppers album cover fame.

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