10 September 2008


Was just doing an interview for another publication with Canadian DJ/Producer/General lcool bloke Tiga. We got talking about how he loves football which is pretty good considering I can talk about football for some time. I told him that one of the best things I have seen was when Skint sponsored us and we had a full page Tiga advert in the programme when he was releasing 'Hot In Herre' on the imprint. A decadent diamante Tiga logo inbetween a Travis Perkins ad and Brighton & Hove Buses notice is probably the best thing I've ever seen in a programme.

Turns out he's quite clued about the Albion and owns the beautiful yellow shirt from a few years back. The video above is Tiga's first big hit, an 'electroclash' version of 'Sunglasses At Night' with Zyntherius, otherwise known as techno genius Jori Hulkonnen. This was from Top of The Pops and Tiga is miming the lyrics at the front.


The Cheapest Bloc Hornet Online said...

thanks for sharing the video, sounds like it was a good interview and you guys seemed to have bonded.

Facebook Design said...

Great to heard that you bonded, it's always great when you can instantly connect with another person. There is no better feeling in the world :)