18 September 2008


You know we have this inhuman ability to see where our hits are coming from? Well it's time for an update so you know exactly where on earth (and beyond actually) your Albion brethren are.

Notable hello's to Wevelgem in Belgium, Kingston, Ontario in Canada, Dubai in the UAE (i hope you're a billionaire who want's to buy us ... our current market value is around 200 quid but the markets are fluctuating innit) and Stamford, Conneticut in that America place.

I try to do an exile of the month and in September there are 2 awesome entries. Runner up, and it would've been number one any other time, goes to the lonely Seagull in Baku, Azerbaijan. Fantastic work. This months numero uno though is our own astronaut extrordinaire logging in from Baltimore, Maryland - the ISP server name; National Aeronautics and Space Association ... That's NASA to the slower readers. Back of the net!

NB: The picture above is 3D but when viewed through the red and blue goggles (urghhh) you will get a very good idea of what it's like to be in space.

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