18 September 2008


A friend has just made me aware that we are coming up to our tenth year at Withdean. This made me think about the Goldstone and what it really means to me, as I have now supported the Albion longer as a Withdean club than I did as a Goldstone club.

One of the younger posters on NSC commented a couple of weeks ago if any of the members actually sit in the North Stand (at Withdean) ... he was informed that the North Stand that gave it's name to forum was a place at the Goldstone and the floodlight in the logo is the one that stood next to said stand.

As we approach our formative years at Withers, I feel people will start to feel a little sad. I think this is a strange human defect, much like Stockholm Syndrome, as I still harbour warm feelings for the 2 years spent at the Priestfield.

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