16 September 2008


I had a strange dream last night. Elvis (Presley, not Hammond the ex-Leicester striker) was shaking me aggressively and demanding to know the location of the nearest Burger King. As he did so, I noticed the fetching white jumpsuit he was wearing had a large seagull on the front made of silver gems. I asked if the Maccy D's by the Petrol station would do and this seemed to placate him; before storming out into the night to get a Big Mac he whispered a rather sarcastic 'Thank you very much' in my ear...and he was gone.

Had I received some kind of Albion prophecy? I keep rolling Elvis Hammond around in my head for some reason (probably because I wrote his name a minute ago) but it seems deeper than that. Perhaps 'Kings' will somehow impact on our season. Incidentally, as I was looking at what Hammond was up to at present I noticed that Leicester have two players called King in their squad. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on our games against the Foxes. All in all though, I'm probably just craving a burger or putting way too much Febreze on the duvet.

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