15 September 2008


Worrying Falmer news from the Argus this morning has caused much concern amongst fans. the stadium is going be much bigger and much uglier. I feel for the Falmer residents who maybe thought the design of the stadium was attractive, modern, cutting edge and NOT a blot on the landscape. Now it seems the orginal designs are too expensive and steel and brick bohemouth, more akin to Wigans dreab JJB (see above), is on the cards.

Huddersfield's Galpharm stadium is still, nearly 15 years on, one of the most attractive grounds in the country, purely because of the effort that went into the design. The club should release new plans immediately to show the fans excatly what this ground is going to look like, they owe it to the town and all the people who voted YES on the strength of the design alone.

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