13 December 2008


Ah god, that must've been bad last night. One piece of solstice that I do get is that both people I've spoken to about the match have said that MK Don'ts were actually very good. I suppose now we can freely admit that yes, we are in a relegation battle. Scary but something worth singing for.

Luckily, a few of you will be out seeing freinds and colleagues over the coming weeks, celebrating the festive season and knocking back gluewein until your teeth are purple and deep conversations about the americanisation of christmas descend into drunken vitriol. Either way, memories of last night will soon wither and die.

One other good thing is the quality of movies littering the TV this time of year, I have just watched Close Encounters and it was awesome, go get it on DVD or something.

TSLR005 can be purchased online - see right - plus I will be at Shrewsbury and Tranmere, both of us will be at Col U and oddly, Swindon seems like quite an exciting proposition. It's a good one we think.

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