16 December 2008


'Fucksticks' is the word used to describe my annoyance at 100 TSLR005's not showing up the post this morning, I blame Royal Mail obviously, but this is reasonably bad news at it's sure to be a good away attendance tonight plus I haven't seen it physically yet.

Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk, if we get a giant win tonight, no doubt we'll take a couple of thousand (ahem... hundred) to Tranmere Rovers and everyone can get a copy there.

There will however be some TSLR paper love at Shrewsbury tonight as we are providing hymn sheets with the first 2 verses of Good Old Sussex By The Sea for most if not all attendees. The point of this is to create a faux-christmas carol atmosphere and look quite good on the tellybox.

Remember, the boys will be resplendant in white tonight, alas, if Carter was writing this he'd come up with a witty play-on-words regarding this fact and the festive period.

Up The Albion! Let's do the Salops and get the twin towers in sight.

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