18 February 2009


You probably can't read this, but it's a screenshot of a poll on Northstandchat that mad me laugh. The question; Who would you like to see in charge for the rest of the season? The options are Micky Adams, Paul Chuckle or Barry Chuckle. TSLR has preliminary voted for Barry Chuckle because he has the most experience.

Last night was like a black hole of everything I enjoy about the Albion. If you accounted our late 90's exile in the 4th divison as a dreadful consequence of the Archer business (and it was) then relegation on pure footballing ineptitude takes us back to the early 70's - that's right, I'm likening this to our worst season in 30 years.

TSLR is not keeping a dignified silence on our opinions of Mr. Adams, I think more likely we are just plain confused, or dumbfounded to the point of being mute, on the happenings on the pitch this season - happenings that are down to what happened off the pitch last summer.

There is a wonderfully morose website called Fuck My Life where people write little excerpts on how rubbish their life is through the medium of gut-wrenchingly embarrassing moments that reiterate how destitute their being is. I feel like I should contribute something similar along the lines of "I told everybody to watch the telly last night as the Super Seagulls are going to Wembley, and then 2 of our most senior players fucked up after 59 minutes and we lost to the worst team in the English league. FML".

The wider fan opinion differs, the Adams out side are vocal and stink of anger. The others, much like us, are mimicking the psychological outputs of people who are grieving - the sickening process of denial, anger and now, downright bewilderment. The realities are clear, and as the dust is settling it reveals a sorry state of affairs.

On a slightly brighter, if increasingly tedious, note TSLR has been nominated for the second round of voting in the Football Fanzine Awards. You can vote in a different way, by following the link located

This is actually a good chance of the Albion winning something this year!

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