13 February 2009


Above is a picture of man who looks a lot like Barry Lloyd. We muct do a TSLR Porn-a-likes (thanks to Easy10 for that one)

The Seagull Love Review numero seven is out tomorrow. It includes such rubbish as;

- Loads of game reviews - which is odd because it seems we haven't played that much.

- Interview with some northern monkeys at FC United.

- A review of how shit teams are on the south coast.

- Dick Knight Spot The Difference.

- Seagulls World moan-up.

- Valentines day thing from Midfield Diamond.

- Paul Hodson talks drugs.

- A tear-jerking look back at the glory years.

- A review of Watford Vs. Palace (don't ask).

- All the usual gumph, superstar stewards, letters, news in briefs, an amazing new bit of art on the back, glory boy etc etc.

Oh, and thanks everybody that voted for us in the Fanzine Awards - we've been nominated for best fanzine, best editors, best blog (why, we don't know) and a bunch of our writers have been nominated too. The people who are organising the awards are a bit odd though and we believe that another round of fan voting is expected. We're not sure how we're gonna play that because people have already voted and we're not sure if this is a ploy to encourage more data for the ill-though out Football Fans Census that hosts the awards ... funnily enough sponsored by Littlewoods Pools.

Either way, it seems silly to get poeple to vote again - we're up against mags from the big premiership clubs etc who have far bigger fanbases, we feel the awards should be about quality not quantity.

Anyway, I digress. Buy a TSLR007 at the game or buy online at the seagull love review.

One last thing, all north west Seagulls, we've hired a room in a great pub in Manchester city centre for the Luton Town match, PM me for details if you want to come along!

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