11 March 2009


The author of the wonderful book / football ideology Modern Football is Rubbish (it seems to be gathering pace as the football thought du jour, odd as modern football is what made these sort of coffee table books a reality) bought a fanzine off us online the other day, he has been in touch to say how much he enjoyed it, so as reciprocol gesture, and to promote his book, we are going to list a little blurb, below, and a link to where you can buy it here. It's only 7 quids and comes with free P&P. It's funny as 'fuck'.

"Modern Football is Rubbish is the ideal book for the disillusioned football fan. A giddy mixture of anger and nostalgia, it’s a book for anyone who has left the ground
– after another dismal home defeat – cursing
spiralling salaries, inflated egos and stupid o’clock kick-offs.

It is also a book for those of you who pine for cup upsets, muddy pitches and ridiculous sideburns. And, if you lament the demise of the old fashioned floodlight pylon or baulk at the sight of brightly coloured football boots – then you really need to buy a copy."

1 comment:

Nick Davidson said...

You are too kind.

I'm afraid I only wrote half of it (and not the funny stuff either!)

As I don't have anything as glamorous as a coffee table I tend to leave my copy in the loo. It's that sort of book.

Keep up the good fight at your end...

Gegen den modernen Fussball

Nick x