17 April 2009


One picture to sum up the potential effect of tomorrow's game. For fans, we either live or we die by the 90 minute long click of the barrel.

We, as fans, have no control over our fate.

The fact that we're still in with a shout when it seems we've been playing complete garbage football for the last 8 months is truly astonishing.

Oldham are probably the team with nothing to play for with the most to play for. Like us, the return of their messiah in the shape of Joe Roylel has proved winless, and no doubt the jovial scouser will be keen to get at least one win before his contract runs out in 3 games. Oldham are on a downward spiral, their team was riddled with pests when Royle took over, slowly rotting as their formiddable early season form disintegrated under a cloud of fights and money problems.

Oldham are the longest tennents of League One as it stands, and their stadium - the once nicely traditional Boundary Park - only has 3 sides as the pennyless club try and find enough money to rebuild the stadium after beginning to tear it down.

As a symbol of the 'Tics paranoia, their empty side exposes the Lancastrians to the harsh outside. Where once the 4 stands kept the fans safe and warm from the swirling Saddleworth winds, now they are there naked, the pale skelatel form of a club shocking passers by.

So, they'll do us 0-3 then.

Up The Albion!

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