23 April 2009


I think if I had to fuck a bloke, it would be Gary Hart and other such beautiful quotes were heard exiting the away end at Bristol Rovers the other night. Apparently a football match took place but all I remember was a decent TSLR turnout, beers for the nerves, loads more tension and a winning trip home. On reflection, it was sickeningly good but'll mean nuffink if we blow the last 2 games apart. The least of our worries is the general fanzine stance over the last 2 months that had us down weeks ago. If only we'd listened to Dizzy Imposta - happily predicting a repeat of 1981. But then, most of us weren't close to being born back then and we stopped keeping the faith when Micky did. Still, roll on Huddersfield away and the incredible fancy dress costumes that await. The dalmation will be selling fanzines.

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