8 May 2009


When TSLR006 headed to Hamburg in Germany for the St Pauli special, it became clear the thing they hate most in the world is SV Hamburg. What a joy it was then to see the giants of Hamburg get dumped out of the UEFA Cup by Werder Bremen last night, just 1 game from the final. One hilarious moment came when Bremen scored from a corner that was the result of the match ball hitting a paper ball thrown on to the pitch by Hamburg fans. Massive result for all those St Paulites. The bar in the above picture, Villa Kunter Bunt, was our favourite bar of the whole trip and the ultimate night out. The reason; loadsa of blokes dressed as women (or very manly looking women) that made us feel at home - very much like we'd just staggered up St James' Street towards the end of a night out.

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