14 July 2009


The second in our series of top class journalistic snippets from everybodies favourite Hampshire printed Sussex daily.

"The greatest day in the history of Albion’s opening pre-season friendly opponents tonight, Havant and Waterloovile, was playing at Anfield in the FA Cup. One of the greatest experiences for Albion’s towering new young centre half, James Tunnicliffe, was playing with the same Liverpool stars who saw off the plucky Blue Square south part-timers."
Andy Naylor, The Argus, 14 July 2009

TSLR Comment : "Exercising his senior sports writer muscle here, Naylor has used his famed 'thinking outside of the box' writing talent to link tonight's friendly opponants with one of our players trials as a youngster. It's local journalism at its best, both warm and friendly yet also using the syntax of an opening line in a rubbish comic "

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