21 July 2009


So, seems we've been doing some deals with Forest on the sly. This is extremely refreshing compared to our other signings of the summer in that most of us have had no idea it was coming.

I don't think it would be wrong to suggest that many Albionites were hoping the deal for Lynch would go through, though he will leave us all with a sense of sadness as he was a Albion through and through and gave us some really good performances.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it only Coxy and Elphick that remain from our greatest youth team harvest? That itself raises a few questions, if you think back it's quite macrabre how the Wilkins bred golden boys - boys who got us to 7th in this very league without playing that well - have nearly all gone now. Though Cox and Elphick will now be considered two of our most important, if not senior, players from now on, I still feel slightly agrieved that our team of pure Sussex talent have not reached their true potential whilst wearing the stripes.

What we do have now though is Matt Thornhill, himself a product of the highly acclaimed Forest academy. I expect big things from the 6 foot plus midfielder, I know he is rated by the City Ground denizens and I imagine a move to the south coast presented him with much deliberation. Initially signed until early 2010, the whole things smats of long-term deal.

Thornhill will join up with probably the most exciting pre-season for quite some time, in the whole we seem to have brought in young, quality footballers in most positions. We all expect more players to sign and if the standard remains as is we all expect big points next season.

Ooooooh, exciting now!

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