22 July 2009


I'm so fucking angry with Seagulls World. I'm just using a PC at work, a normal computer like most people have, all I wanted to do was meet Matt Thornhill as the tantalising title reads.

No, I can't, and the reason being;

The service requires that you are using Internet Explorer version 6 or greater and Windows Media Player version 9 or greater. The service is not currently available on Macs.

Thing is, I'm not using a Mac and I'm not using Internet Explorer, pluuuuuuus I'm loathed to email those monopolising turds at Premium TV before you ask. Why can I watch some things on Seagulls World and not others. It should have read this;

The service you require is far too sophisticated a concept for either Premium TV or the quick to pass-the-buck Marketing department at the football club. We suggest you read the Argus online and 'imagine' the highlights.

The sooner this changeover happens the better, our club website is a disgrace, poorly designed, hard to navigate, difficult to use on virtually every browser going and with those eternally stupid banners at the top. The banners I detest the most are the Sky ones, I flatly don't subscribe to that cod-bravado ideology peddled by those miscreants in Isleworth.

Fuck off Seagulls World, bring back Seagull Line.


xenophon said...

SW is shit, but it's all we got - you can't beat the man. I'm abroad and I'm stuck with it for £34.99 a year, not much bang for your buck


i am sam said...

i was just a little hormonal yesterday, i'm alright now.

xenophon said...

You were right about them tho - fooking online ticket site has crashed, just as the home tickets go on sale

Up the Albion!!!