6 July 2009


A friend of mine was always visiting a website where all the news agencies and websites 'fed' their - in this case Man. City - articles into a central index.

I thought this was acers, just what I needed for an Albion internet fix that didn't involve NSC, yet when I searched Brighton And Hove Albion all I got was a pre-season review from some two-bit Norwich City blog.

Annoyed, I pondered that we were just a really small club with few stories worthy of a second look at the Reuters newsdesk.

But this as in fact not ture. Turns out I'd just been doing it all wrong and the aforementioned Man. City mate has thus sent me the correct link to get a host of Albion related garb.

The quesion is, should I post said link on here? As a highly professional HR practioner I fear that this new drivel-portal will hurt the economy as you lot spend more time pissing about online and less time boosting our fledging businesses.


Anonymous said...

Is that Seagull eating a doughnut? Or is it the top of a french loaf?

i am sam said...

i'd say that's a knob-end, maybe he flew from Dieppe?