6 July 2009


Up north there is a word for 'steal' called crib - it kind of means a light herated theft, or theft without malice. I've never heard this in Brighton.

Anyway, I have cribbed something off NSC because I think it needs more exposure rather than being hidden away on the wonderful Ask The Club feature.

Basically, it seems that the old website platform (Seagulls *spit* World) is being repalced with a new system called Player. The main aspects of this are outlined on the Southend United website which I have reproduced below with prior permission you Essex knobbers.

- DRM-free videos, meaning access for PC, Laptops and Apple MACs
- Brand new Flash Player to replace the current Windows Media offering
- The introduction of full screen, 16:9 widescreen
- Upgrade to 1MB streaming for video (with 500k low-res option too)
- Near DAB quality audio commentary on matchdays
- All the latest news completely Advert-free
- New Flash-based Match Live Centre

So, all in all, that sounds pretty good, especially the Mac news, that is immense. The club have said it will be introduced "in the near future" ... I would urge that the club get on this right away.

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