7 July 2009


Something of a faux-victory for us at TSLR, our very first issue featured a rant about the quality of the club shop compared to others ... admittedly it was others on the continent where they are a bit more clued up on merchandise and that, but it was rant none the less.

Fast forward a year and the new Seagull Boutique is about to open it's doors, our favourite quote was from Manager Ian Green; "The new shop is cool". Maybe we should refer to him as just G from now on if he's going to use such flagrant yoof phrases.

The club have gone balls deep on the PR front for the ribbon cutting ceremony. In the void filled by the now departed Uncle 'y'know ... we're a big club' Dick. Keen shoppers will be able to see Gully and Dean White amongst others on the big day, why not pop in for an autograph.

Full report in TSLR011.

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