2 September 2009



Sorry, but the referee has spotted an infringement on your design "speciali-needs defender". It could be for a number of reasons ranging from potential copyright issues or even something being just a little too cheeky for family viewing. But we'd still love you to play on. Click here to get back to the upload page for another go.



The above message was received in TSLR inbox this morning - annoying. To add some context to this mysterious correspondance, yesterday (whilst bored at work of course) I went on the highly acclaimed new Umbro site. One of the c-razy features is a 'design your own boot' thing where users can uplaod pictures and place the image onto the bare sole of the new Speciali football boot. I uploaded a picture of Colin Hawkins, respelndent in stripes, and named by masterpiece Speciali-needs Defender.

Apparently not up to Umbro's standards though so it'll never be seen.

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