3 September 2009


When Jimmy McNulty was undergoing suregry on his awful kidney injury, one would be forgiven to think that the terms 'football' and 'renal failure' were unlikley to fathom many results on a google search.

And evidently, they didn't. Although, like a particularly shoddy policeman, my evidence was based on the Argus' oracle-like reportage of the circumstances regarding the scouse wonderboy.

In fact, there has been a quite fantastic story regarding kidneys and the beautiful game. In todays Times there is the story of new Bolton signing Iavn Klasnic ... I'll let you read it, but it does poo-poo the worries we all had at the thought of Jim not being bale don the stripes post-transplant - an operation thankfully that wasn't needed.

Read the article here.

Upon trying to find a suitably non-gory image to accompany this post I stumbled upon the quite wonderful I Heart Guts website, buy your loved ones a plush pancreas, bladder or splein toy.

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